About me                                                                                            1996-2018

About me

My name is Iris Hagel and I’m 24 years old.
I graduated from AKV St Joost in 2018. I studied Graphic and spatial design but my main focus has always been on spatial design. With my work I always try to tell a story or deliver an emotion. For me the concept and the research of a work is as important as the work itself. Currently I’m in my graduation year of the master Industrial design at the KABK. 




O'Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute (2014)
Leeds College of Arts Minor Advertising (2016)
AKV St Joost BA Graphic and Spatial design (2014-2018)
Internship Ontwerpduo, Eindhoven (2017)
Master Industrial design KABK, The Hague, 2019-2021


YA present, Dutch Design Week, Sectie C (20-28 oktober 2018)
Graduation show AKV St Joost (2018)
De Laatste, Veemgebouw,  Strijp-S Eindhoven (2017)
In-side-out AKV St Joost (2017)
Hommage to the cube AKV St Joost (2016)
Cultuurnacht, Electron, (2019)
JONGWILD, Galerie drift, (2019)
Milan design week, Ventura Future (2019)
Want the unwantedd, KABK Online exhibition, 2020


Nominated For De St Joost penning (2018)
Ateliers prijs AKV St Joost en Gemeente Breda (2018)