Art work in Dronten Town
2021                         January

Episode 1: Introduction and concept about the art work.

Episode 2: The realisation of the art work. 

Epidode 3: The end result of the art work. 

Pictures taken by: Floor Besuijen

Pictures taken by: Hennie Joesten

3D renders of the work ‘Magisch Dronten’ for the city hall in Dronten.

I had to chance to design an art installation for the city hall of Dronten. This is the town where I was born and I’m honoured they chose me to design the art work for in the public hall. The art installation is 13 meters high and tells the story of the community of Dronten and it’s short but rich history.  

In the art work I’m using diffrent types of recycled materials this one is made from 100% post-consumer plastic used packaging. 

This art work was in cooperation with: 

Xl de Ateliers, Amstel- Delta, Pyrasied, De Mannen van Staal, Efesto