Irritation Book






For my graduation disertation I started writing a book about the emotion irritation. It started with me having misophonia which means  "hatred of sound " and is a condition in which negative emotions thoughts and physical reactions are triggered by specific sounds .
Personally, I become annoyed by repeating sounds like clock’s, chewing, loud breathing, pens clicking just to name a few sounds . This means that being annoyed is a big part of my daily life.

So this is why started my research. Why do I get so annoyed and what does it mean when this happens .  I became fascinated by the "emotionan Irritation’. I created several different works about this emotion and decided to divide it into 4 categories
1. Irritation in function.
2. Irritation in sounds.
3. Irritation in image ,and
4. Irritation in our daily life.

After extensive research and creating a body of work and concepts within these categories I concluded by assembling everything into one book.