The flaw Collection                                                                                                                                                                                                                         2019








In every object there is a small mistake.  That is why it is called “the flaw collection”, based on imperfections. For my graduating project I studied the impct of the emotion irritation . Why do we get annoyed. What are the triggers, and how does our irritations impact ourselves and those around us?

I started to make all kinds of works based on things that annoy people. At one point I started designing annoying patterns and I loved how people in my class got annoyed by all my prints. Because in every pattern there is a little flaw if you look close enough. In society today we like everything to be perfect. Missed perfection to some it may become annoying, irritating or just  plain wrong. With my collection I want to show that mistakes and imperfection can also make things more interesting.

Because of the flaws  displayed in my collection,  you will need to look twice at the objects because when you see the mistake it can’t be unseen. That may annoy you , but in a world where everything has to be perfect I wanted to design things that are not.

Pictures taken by: Sabine van de Korput