The last memory





This project was about the story of my grandma and grandpa. My grandfather suffered from alzheimer. Because of this disease,  he could hardly remember anything except for the food given to him by my grandmother. She visited my grandfather everyday in the nursery home. Often she brought him food she made herself. My grandma has a few traditional dishes. The dishes are her famous veggie soup, apple pie, potatoes with gravy and her famous apple sauce.

When my grandfather tasted these dishes it seemed like he recognized the taste because he would enjoy it so much. Of course, this can never be proven but I believed it did and made a documentary about it. My grandmother kept making her food for my grandfather and continued to offer the unconditional love  this food could bring.

I designed tableware inspired by my grandma’s dishes. This collection was shown at strijp-s Eindhoven in Veemgebouw. In the exposition: The last. I also designed a table that shows the distance between two people having dinner and the only thing that is connecting them is food.